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FoundersList allows you to create groups to connect with founders across interests, regions, schools, professions, incubators/accelerators, investor portfolios, etc.

Who can create groups on FoundersList?
Absolutely anyone!

You may create a group for your founder friends (e.g. "Sam's Founder Network"), for your college (e.g. "Harvard Business School Alums"), interest (such as "No-Code Founders", "LGBTQ+ Founders", "Immigrant Founders"), profession (e.g. "CTOs and Tech Leads", "Startup Growth Hackers"), etc.

Why create groups?
  • Groups allow FoundersList members to connect
    For instance, you (or your company) might be part of an incubator (like Techstars or Y-Combinator), or part of a investment-portfolio group; you might be an alum of a college or school, or have an interest in a particular field or industry.
  • Groups allow FoundersList members to share information, questions, posts, recommendations, etc within and across their network/s

  • What are Private Groups?
    Private groups require membership approval by the Group Owner or Moderator/s. Private group members can also choose to post PUBLIC posts (visible to everyone) or PRIVATE posts (only visible to members of the group/s tagged in the post).

    Why not use Slack, Whatsapp or simple Email Lists?
    Much as we love all these tools, they're not always the best for connecting with your networks. Slack and Whatsapp are highly synchronous: if you only check your slack groups once a day, or a few times per week, you're likely to miss out on important conversations.

    We like to think of FoundersList as the anti-Slack. It's simple and highly asynchronous. You can check FoundersList once a day or once a week, or just receive regularly summary (digest) emails with the most important conversations in your groups.

    Better still, if you're like me, you're probably part of 10 or more different founder or professional groups. I'm on 12 Slack groups, 2 Whatsapp founder grounds, a Telegram founder group, 4 email founder/portfolio groups and YCombinator's internal forum (Bookface). It's way too much, and impossible to keep track of everything!

    FoundersList is allows you to create your own groups and connect across multiple groups, all in one place.