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Posting Guidelines

Postings that do not follow the guidelines below will be removed. Spammers will be blocked on the site.

Please read the guidelines below before posting on FoundersList.
  1. Do not use ALL-CAPS titles and/or content
  2. Do not use foul or inappropriate language
  3. Uninformative posts will be removed
  4. Repeated posts will be removed
  5. Please ensure your posts are relevant and topical
  6. Cofounder posts MUST be in the cofounder section
  7. Do NOT post commercial adverts or promotions
  8. Do NOT post empty posts — they will be removed immediately
On the other hand,
  1. Feel free to share useful and relevant content
  2. You can share links to other sites
  3. Feel free to repost relevant/informative content from other sites (as long as it is not copyrighted)
  4. Be helpful and respectful