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Cofounder Posting Guidelines

Postings that do not follow the guidelines below will be removed. Spammers will be blocked on the site.

Please read the guidelines below before posting new cofounder listings.
  1. Complete your profile before posting
  2. Provide as much information as you are comfortable sharing
  3. Keep your postings informative but brief
  4. Postings must contain information about you (the founder/s), the startup, and the type of cofounder you are looking
  5. Do not post cofounder listings repeatedly
  6. Do not use ALL-CAPS titles and/or content
  7. Do not use foul or inappropriate language
  8. Please provide details about the type of cofounder you are looking for
  9. Uninformative postings will be removed
  10. Do not use cofounder listings to promote services, investments, freelance work, etc