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Everyone wants to hitch a ride on the next unicorn
As a vendor or resource to startups, getting in early increases your success rate of being part of exciting growth ahead. But reaching the founder audience can be challenging. Most places founders use are anonymous, transactional or volatile. And none of them allow service vendors to connect efficiently and effectively with founders.

FoundersList is an open platform that brings founders together to
🤝 connect and collaborate
🎯 get great services recommended by other founders
📆 find events
🌱 enroll in incubators/accelerators
🚀 share ideas and news

Position your offering directly to early-stage founders and influencers
Launched in 2020, the community is rapidly growing and includes more than 200 vetted profiles of proven founders looking to do it again. In addition, the community boasts users representing the most prominent VCs and incubators.

Reach more qualified leads with FoundersList
FoundersList connects startup founders to great services, events, and networks. Deals, discounts and other incentives offered by partners are featured the site. These deals can be recommended, up-voted, and shared throughout the community by founders.

Join us today to promote your offering to a growing community of startup founders
FoundersList is teaming with services, events, and others to
💰 offer deals and discounts to founders
🏆 sponsor give-aways and rewards
📣 promote services, events, and networks
For more information, contact our partnership team at partners@founderslist.com or via our Contact Page.