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Stacklist Give-Away

FoundersList, in collaboration with Stacklist, is giving away a 1-year subscription to StackList's Events worth $600 to 2 (two) random FoundersList members who earn over 25 Karma Points during the month of June 2020.
Starting June 1st 2020, all members of the FoundersList community will earn karma points for being active members of the community. Users will earn Karma for inviting other users to the site, receiving up-votes on their posts from other users, receiving comments on posts from other users, or even simply logging in to FoundersList regularly. For details, please refer to the karma page.

The winners of the two StackList subscriptions will be notified by email in July 2020.

About StackList
Stacklist launched 3 years ago with a mission to inform, inspire and assist early stage founders on their journeys. Here are the best ways to get involved:
  • Attend our curated weekly panels, where entrepreneurs share their stories, advice, and experience. We cover topics like marketing, product, fundraising, and design.
  • Study up on everything startup & small business. We’ve documented the insights and takeaways from our panels.
  • Follow us to stay current on upcoming panels and events and to find out when our recaps are live.
Click here for more about Stacklist and Stacklist events.

This give-away is open to all active FoundersList users. Karma points will be collected starting June 1st. All users with 25 or more Karma points by the end of June 2020 will be entered into the drawing.

Please note that our moderators will be actively monitoring the site and user activity. Any users attempting to manipulate, defraud or game the system, simulate activity, produce invalid activity -- such as, but not limited to -- via bots, scripts, crowd-sourcing, etc, will be immediately disqualified. Multiple accounts opened by the same user, spam comments, invalid invites, etc will also disqualify that user.

Our moderators will be monitoring all user activity and new accounts to ensure only "valid" users are invited to, and added to, FoundersList (a valid user is defined as a real individual, not previously signed up or registered with FoundersList, and actively working on (or with a) startup or small-business, a freelancer, or someone actively involved in a business ancillary to startups & small-businesses (i.e. a service-provider, contractor, consultant, etc).