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This page explains how FoundersList User Reputation is calculated.

Each FoundersList user has a "reputation score" — we use this score internally to ensure interactions with trusted and engaged users are given more importance.

We are constantly tweaking and adjusting the Reputation Calculation Algorithm, so your score may somewhat over time, however, the key factors currently used to evaluate Reputation Scores are:
  • Verified vs un-verified profile
  • Number of articles, links, questions (a.k.a. "posts") submitted
  • Responses to articles, links and/or questions
  • Up-votes received for posts or responses
  • Time since most recent activity on the site
On the other hand, "posts" (i.e. articles, links, questions) and responses that get flagged (as inappropriate, duplicate, spam, invalid, irrelevant, etc) count against a user's Reputation Score.

Reputation Scores also "decay" over time — thus an article posted within the last few minutes will contribute a higher value to a user's overall score than one posted several months back.